Servian is regarded as one of Australia’s most trusted data consultancies and IT advisors. Major organisations have come to rely on our thought leadership on Business Intelligence, and the value we provide in application support and maintenance.

We have a proven track record in delivering tailored programs, technological processes and specialist advice that boost business capabilities, operational performance, internal processes, customer service, stakeholder communication and much more.

Servian built its reputation on improving business capabilities through the delivery of world-class software solutions. We have in-depth experience in a number of areas, including the full data warehouse lifecycle, large-scale development applications, and enterprise data models.

Servian’s leadership team has decades of experience in the IT industry, specialising in telecommunication, finance and insurance. Each has held senior enterprise architect or CxO roles, delivering successful solutions to clients such as Vodafone, Perpetual, Macquarie, Ernst & Young, Singtel Optus, Commonwealth Bank, Sensis and Telstra.

“…a proven track record in delivering tailored programs, technological processes and specialist advice that boost business capabilities…”


Data & Information Strategy

Achieve your strategic business objectives by developing a data and information  strategy that enables you to harness your data.Learn More

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Design, implementation and support so that you can build the right solution. Onsite, remotely or in the cloud.Learn More

Data Insight & Visualisation

Visualisation is critical to data analysis providing a front line revealing intricate structure in data with great immediacy.Learn More

Managed Services

Servian offer managed services and data centre services to help your company keep its information safe, secure and accessible.Learn More

Cloud Data Services

Cloud-based services let you treat IT infrastructure as a commodity and focus only on what is core to supporting your business.Learn More

Data Governance & Quality

Servian can manage your data quality, management, policies, business process management, and risk around handling of data.Learn More

Analytics as a Service

Drive better business decisions by unlocking the hidden value in your data through robust optimisation and analysis.Learn More

Cloud Marketing Automation

Take full advantage of customer information, optimizing interactions across channels, and monitoring and responding to changes in customer behaviours.Learn More

Digital Strategy

Sharing our experience and delivery track record we can help you develop and execute a custom digital strategy.Learn More

Big Data Analytics

Uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information throughout your unstructured data.Learn More

UX & UI Design

Servian takes you through all the required steps to ensure the final deliverable resonates with your customers.Learn More

Application Development

Servian has worked with and delivered numerous projects in this space for Tier 1 Banks and Telcos for a number of years.Learn More


Top 10 CIO Technology Priorities based on the 2013 Gartner Executive Program Survey

Analytics & BI
Mobile Technologies
Cloud Computing
Collaboration Technology
Legacy Modernisation
IT Management
ERP Applications

*Gartner Executive Program Survey 2013

Top 10 CIO Business Priorities based on the 2013 Gartner Executive Program Survey

Increasing Enterprise Growth
Delivering Operational Results
Reducing Enterprise Costs
Attract/Retain New Customers
Improve IT App. & Infrustracture
Improve Efficiency
Attract/Retain Workforce
Implement Analytics & Big Data

*Gartner Executive Program Survey 2013

2013 Business Intelligence Trends as seen by one of the leading Data Visualisation players

Proliferation of data sources
Value of text & unstructured data
Cloud BI
Visual Analytics
Forecasting & Predictive Analytics
Mobile BI
Pervasive Analytics