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Toyota Finance Australia is Australia’s largest automotive financier, providing finance, insurance and fleet management services to residents and commercial businesses. It has over 30 years experience in the market, an extensive network of regional offices and is a leader within the worldwide Toyota Financial Services group.

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At a Glance

Servian partnered with Toyota Finance Australia to implement a data strategy that included a centralised cloud data platform. Its live use case approach demonstrated business value from the outset, and a new client-centric data culture was embedded throughout the business.

The Challenge

Over the past ten years, Toyota Finance Australia has grown to become a dominant force in the Motor Finance industry. This growth, achieved primarily through strong brand reputation, acquisitions, and mergers, has resulted in a wealth of hard-to-access data, spread across disparate and aging systems.

Servian proposed a cloud data platform solution, to act as a foundation for future growth and evolution, and as an enabler for future customer-centric innovation. With an urgent need for accessible data across the enterprise, the platform needed to be delivered at record speed.

The Solution

In just six weeks, the unified team implemented an enterprise-wide data strategy. This included a centralised cloud data platform, built on Microsoft Azure, that incorporates new data governance standards within an accessible real-time reporting solution.

The platform was created around EFS – a real client use case, thus ensuring the project offered true business value from the outset. This use case-led approach ensures incremental value is added continuously throughout the capability build, resulting in ongoing reporting and innovation.

A data culture, embedded across the business through a new ‘Data Academy’, will maximise the value of tech investment, whilst ensuring its workforce is not left behind.  The Academy will focus on standardising and uplifting skills of interaction with the platform and its data and allow different staff personas to choose their own path accordingly. 

The Benefits

Scalable, Secure, Serverless

Business value from the outset

Intentional delivery utilising live use-cases, ensuring business value from the outset. Demonstrating this success gained cultural traction for future enhancements.

Metadata Driven ETL

Foundations for success

The platform sets the foundations to deliver a wide variety of use cases now and support the growth of the business into the future.

Built for the Cloud

A data-centric culture

The Data Academy enables everyone within the organisation to create value from the data by providing them with the skills and capability to discover their own insights.

Charbel Khoury

Head of Data and Analytics, Toyota Finance Australia


“The relationship with Servian is quite personal.  When doing this sort of work, they embed themselves into the brand.  So, it isn’t just consulting to another large organisation, it is about knowing its people;  knowing what they’ve gone through to get where they are and knowing where they want to go from here.  These are the things that distinguish Servian between itself and  a lot of the other partners.”

Next Steps

With the data foundations in place and a few use cases already delivered, Toyota Finance Australia and Servian will begin to tackle an ongoing pipeline of use cases, extending from financial forecasting to single customer view. At the same time, the Data Academy will upskill the team, and with the right data, technology and skills in place, employees will be empowered to self-serve insights and create greater value.

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