The way forward: Transforming the transport industry with AI-powered video analytics

This whitepaper takes a look at how transport video analytics delivers the improvements needed to maintain high service standards and strong ROI in uncertain times. Download our whitepaper and learn:

  • A framework for running a successful computer vision program
  • How to effectively evaluate computer vision capabilities & harness the technology to ensure success
  • How to assess your suitability for video analytics, including ROI & key challenges
  • Key use cases and benefits of computer vision in the transport industry

Find out how to deliver better, safer and more profitable transit experiences

Discover the learnings Servian, VisualCortex, and their respective clients have taken from real-world projects and experiences delivering video analytics solutions to the transport industry


Making video data actionable to gain a competitive edge

Our partnership with VisualCortex allows us to bring a platform approach to video analytics, meaning we can deliver value at speed. Time is spent looking at the specific usage of data to inform deeper insights and informed decision making instead of entirely on engineering and integration.

We don’t see video analytics as a standalone offering. We see it as part of the instrumental data backbone of any organisation. Through the platform approach, we can readily adapt to your changing needs. With VisualCortex and Servian, you will gain the ability to democratise video analytics so the value is realised across all parts of your organisation. Watch this video to learn more about our partnership.

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