Building out a smart chat bot

Everyone has their own version. Microsoft is playing the game with Cortana, Google has DialogFlow, Apple has Siri and IBM has Watson. Whatever your technology preference, you are covered regardless.

As a part of a recent project that launched in August 2016, we had the opportunity to build a smart chat bot using IBM Watson for There are two ways this was going to work. The first option was building and mapping out a decision tree structure to guide the chat discussion between the bot and the user mixed with some language processing power. The second option was using IBM Bluemix to access the Watson Conversation API.

The solution gave the bot the ability to drive a conversation with potential customers and also direct them to a real sales assistant once the lead is considered ‘hot’. This is invaluable innovation for an organisation as potential customers are receiving instant answers guiding them to conversion, while you are saving valuable resources. The UI is very simple and clean enabling ease of conversation between the bot and the user.

Take a look at how this all comes together online by visiting the propertyguru website.