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Building out a smart chat bot

Everyone has got their own version. Microsoft is playing the game with Cortana. Google requires that you get to know your way around Tensorflow. Apple has Siri and IBM is all about Watson. So it doesn’t matter what your tech preference is you are just about covered regardless.

As a part of a recent project that launched in August 2016 Servian had the opportunity to build a bot using some of Waton’s capabilities. There are two ways this was going to work. First, the building and mapping of a decision tree structure to guide the discussion mixed with some language processing power behind that. Second option, IBM Bluemix makes available the Watson Conversation API.

Understanding the direction of where you want to take the conversation obviously helps. The UI certainly is not rocket science however the outcome is superb! The ability to have your own sales assistant driving a conversation with potential clients and then being able to direct them to a real sales assistant once the lead is considered ‘hot’ is what automated sales dreams are made of…

Take a look at how this all comes together online by visiting the propertyguru website!

You can play with the chat bot by visiting http://www.propertyguru.com.my/new-property-launch/