Deploying an interactive voice assistant and form filling with voice inputs from the ease of an Android app.

One of Australia’s leading natural resource providers wanted to achieve a voice driven architecture for their employees to make use of while in the field. Servian provided a fully hosted Google Cloud Platform backend with Google security and managed data access. Servian developed an Android application that would interface with the Google Cloud Platform backend and provide voice recognition, form filling and security.

problems & pain points

Servian was engaged with to improve employee experience for a client. These employees were in the field and would not find typing or traditional interfaces very easy to use. By utilizing Machine Learning on Google Cloud Servian provided an innovative solution that would use only the employees voice. The goal was to develop an Android Application connected to a Bluetooth headset that could guide an employee through an inspection.

The background infrastructure was designed to process voice into text input and guide a employee through the question flow in a question-and-answer format. The main challenges were to validate the ability for a employee to complete an inspection form purely by using their voice as input as well as to create an Android application that will run on a mobile device.

The challenge of creating a cloud hosted backend application to record inspection data entries and provide feedback was met by going to Google Cloud Platform. This also addressed the client’s concerns over compliance, accuracy and safety (including account managed data access).

outcomes and results

Servian created a full solution for our client with a cloud hosted backend. The work undertaken by Servian on GCP achieved voice recognition from an Android application as well as form filling from the voice inputs. The solution provided by Servian additionally included online recording and automatic GPS location identification.

With background service the app did not even need to be on screen to work. The final fully hosted Google Cloud Platform backend recorded data entries with Google security and managed data access. This robust solution could be used by employees easily through the Android app and provided a hands-free data recording as well as voice instructions that freed up the employees for the client and improved their overall experience in the field.

platform used

To achieve the outcomes required, the following GCP products were used: