Servian Cloud and Technology Services

Terraform Fundamentals training

How are you provisioning to the cloud? How often are changes happening with your cloud infrastructure? How many clouds do you or your team need to be across? Hashicorp Terraform allows teams to codify and provision to multiple cloud providers in a consistent workflow. Servian’s training workshops, run by our hands-on Hashicorp Terraform practitioners, are one of the best ways to drive innovation in the cloud and invest in your team’s future.

Our hands-on, instructor-led training day enables your team to understand the theory, and explore the practical applications of working on HashiCorp Terraform.

This course teaches participants the following skills:

  • Terraform syntax, internals, and patterns

  • Creating and accessing compute instances

  • Provisioning resources with Terraform

  • Running custom applications on instances

  • Authoring and using Terraform modules

  • The computer science theory behind Terraform

  • Packer + Terraform basic deploy with Packer

Want to learn how to provision cloud infrastructure for you or your team?