Using Google Dialogflow to build a smarter Chatbot


One of Australia's largest superannuation funds Australian Super, with millions of members was looking for help to optimise their chatbot capability. They wanted to improve their customer experience in the chat by ensuring readily available information was provided by the chatbot, thereby freeing up people to focus on solving complex customer queries.

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re.cov.ery | Re-thinking knee recovery


Encompassing cognitive personalised behavioural therapy Re-thinking knee recovery We worked with a Sydney based incubator to create an app that assists in gathering knee flexion/extension data from sensors in a way the practitioners can access, provide accompanying information to patients recovering from total knee replacements. We used a research first approach, then

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Cisco | Improving the end-to-end customer experience


Improving the end-to-end customer experience To map out the full end-to-end experience of the San Jose, Cisco Customer Experience Center Cisco’s Customer Experience Center’s welcome visitors from around the world. We worked with Cisco to see how we could improve their end to end experience. The Experience Center is a place to

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Block Trader


The right information, to the right person, at the right time Stay on top of your portfolio, anytime, anywhere. We worked with with a trading desk in creating a block trading application, The app provided up-to-date information to 150 high value niche clients. problems & pain points

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A smarter way to work


A smarter way to work Help all staff find, connect and collaborate through a centralised platform managing every aspect of their working day. We worked with Australia’s top financial bank to create a mobile digital assistant. For MVP, we focused on approvals and expanded the concept as we iterated.

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