Targeted marketing and campaigning on GCP

Accurate data on a powerful platform is a key enabler for campaign messaging. SalesPond provide sales enablement, marketing services and data services to SMB & enterprise clients across Asia Pacific. SalesPond are headquartered in Sydney with offices across Asia. SalesPond seeks to provide inside sales capabilities for clients who wish to have campaigning outcomes driven

Using data to deliver better campaigns in the telco industry

Improving campaign delivery through greater use of data and resources to maximise campaign ROI and customer engagement. We undertook pre and post campaign analytics, campaign design and execution, operational campaign reporting, best practices and process design. Problems & pain points Customer and business insights are incredibly valuable

Making the switch to model driven campaigns in the banking sector

To secure extra revenue from advantageous card transaction rates, an existing campaign that offered cards to target customers underwent a complete overhaul. Our customer is one of Australia’s ‘big four’ banks and the largest banking network in the country with a customer base of over 13 million across five brands.

Improving safety in the construction industry on GCP

A large building and construction group was seeking greater insights into serious incidents with Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform. The building and construction company sought to develop a greater understanding of the root causes from serious harm incidents. Data Science techniques using Machine Learning and text analysis were used to analyse

Digital Marketing outcomes with Machine Learning on GCP

Development, verification and testing of Digital Marketing outcomes with Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform. The media agency of one of Australia's larger financial institutions required a Discovery Analytics environment to support an internal Marketing data initiative. Servian consultants designed a GCP Cloud based system which provided an appropriate and secure user

Optimising Informatica Case Study

To increase revenue from an existing campaign offering cards to customers, we were engaged to give the campaign a complete overhaul. In this case study you will learn about: The challenges we faced with our customer including conflicting analytics models, manual processes and the introduction of new campaign channels and fulfillment processes. The