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One platform, all your workloads, no data silos.

Seamlessly connect the dots across your business to unlock value and drive growth with Snowflake & Servian.

“Servian has adopted and leveraged the power of Snowflake’s Data Cloud, demonstrating a market for others to follow suit on optimising Snowflake’s capabilities to enable every organisation to mobilise their data.”

Colleen Kapase SVP of Worldwide Partner and Alliances at Snowflake

The Servian & Snowflake difference

Servian’s proven track record delivering cloud strategy, foundations, transformations, and migrations across all the clouds that matter is the catalyst to why Snowflake regards Servian as a Premier Service Partner.

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Connect the dots across your business

Servian proudly stands as a provider managing clients across multiple industries; Loyalty Programs, Health and Utilities, the Financial Sector, and Retail, to name a few, adopting repeatable Snowflake solutions successfully within ANZ.


Transform disparate data, leverage the near-unlimited scale & performance of Snowflake with Servian’s award-winning expertise.

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