Snowflake Summit 2022

Key Takeaways & Highlights

Check out the key highlights from Snowflake’s Summit 2022

Watch the video and learn about the latest offerings & updates straight from Timothy Armour, Associate Partner, Servian & Andrew Montgomery, Manager, APJ Partners Sales Engineering.

Key highlights

Data Governance & Cybersecurity

Snowflake’s new Cybersecurity workload sets the foundation for collaboration, introducing frictionless governance, improves data quality and trust, and limits duplication through its zero-cloning technology. Leveraging Snowgrid, teams can now unify their data, deliver high-fidelity threat detection, and respond quickly to incidents.

Data Application Disruption

You can now curate high-quality data assets that can be shared and monetized in Snowflake’s Marketplace. Quickly build and monetize new data applications. Leveraging the new Steamlit integration, you can speed up development and bring your code closer to the data itself. Tap into the marketplace and gain the ability to find and install these applications directly within your Snowflake environment.

New workloads driving efficiencies & real-time analytics

Thanks to Snowpark, a machine learning workload, you can now write language directly in Snowflake’s platform. With Java, Python, and Scala integrated, users can build applications more effectively and efficiently. Run real-time analytical queries and eliminate the need to duplicate data leveraging Unistore, a workload powered by hybrid tables. Unistore enables users to work seamlessly with transactional and analytical data together in a single platform.

Simplify data management & increased flexibility

Users will soon realise the elasticity of Snowflake’s Data Cloud with access to External Tables for On-Premises Storage, which is particularly beneficial for organisations operating in multi-cloud environments that require the added flexibility. Apache Iceberg is another recent integration (currently in development) that users will be able to leverage in external storage, driving flexibility and simplifying data management.

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