Ultimate Data Stack Event

Shifting to a Customer Data Platform (CDP) should simplify workloads to centralise disparate data, enabling organisations to increase analytics, performance, and customer experience delivery.

he reality is that data stacks often fall short, and data engineers are left to navigate a costly and complex platform. So, where to start?

Watch our demo on-demand as we demonstrate how to leverage the ultimate data stack to transform disparate data and leverage near-unlimited scale and performance.

About this event

  • Watch a live demonstration as we take you through the fundamentals of the modern data stack and showcase how to leverage Snowflake, Fivetran and dbt™ to bridge the gaps between data, insights and actions
  • Learn how to centralise and streamline data to connect the dots across business functions
  • Deliver deeper insight and personalisation capabilities to your business
  • Hosted by Timothy Armour, Associate Partner, Servian
  • Demo recording length: 1 hour

Unlock the power of the ultimate data stack

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Give your data stack a boost

Transform disparate data, leverage near-unlimited scale & performance.

Servian has created a framework to warehouse your ever-growing expanse of information-a scalable, repeatable & cost-effective solution to help you navigate a crowded market and avoid the potential shortcomings of an off-shelf CDP. 

Using Snowflake as the flexible cloud data platform for all your users & stored data, Fivetran to automate the data pipeline without the need for coding and dbt™ to boost productivity through a consistent data transformation framework. Servian will review your current infrastructure and work alongside you to deliver a CDP that deeply delivers.

The combination of Snowflake, Fivetran and dbt™ delivered by Servian unlocks the power of the modern data stack to bridge the gaps between data, insights & actions.

*Disclaimer: dbt™ and the dbt logo are trademarks of dbt Labs, Inc.