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The University of Melbourne is the leading centre of higher education and research in Australia. With over 100 research centres and institutes, more than 4,400 academics, and more than 300,000 publications, it pioneers thinking across a range of disciplines from disability care to sustainability. University of Melbourne’s total research income exceeds $490 million dollars per annum. 

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At a Glance

The University of Melbourne has over 100 research centres and institutes, more than 4,400 academics and more than 300,000 publications but lacks a central system to provide a holistic view. It is crucial for the university to have a platform that provides insights around the research carried out at the university which is beneficial for a wide range of analytics and business development purposes.

The Challenge

The University has separate systems for searching through publications, researchers, grants, clinical trials, patents, policy documents, and so on. Attempting to understand what research capability the university has at any given time was a highly manual and time-consuming process. To more easily connect researchers to research opportunities available within the university and external partners, the university needed a single tool that offered users an aggregated view of research capability at a higher level with easy to interpret visualisations and statistics. The tool also needs to allow users to explore using multi-term querying across keywords, researchers, academic divisions, external partnership, and Field of Research (FoR) Codes.

The Solution

In a short period of time, Servian developed a solution consisting of a centralised data hub and a feature-rich analytics platform that has been so well received that University of Melbourne introduced it to much greater University audiences beyond the initial target groups. Using a diverse mixture of AWS services such as Elastic Container Service (ECS), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Lambda, SQS and S3, combined with an event-driven processing pipeline, supported the rapid development of a fast and scalable solution.

The Benefits

Built for the Cloud

Data-Centric Architecture

Data is the centrepiece of the platform, so being able to leverage AWS services such as S3, Lambda and SQS allowed effortless event driven workflows, combined with more advanced data manipulation techniques like Probabilistic Linkage and NLP, allowed the project to just ‘get it right’ with our data.

Scalable, Secure, Serverless

Time to Market, Rapid Iteration, Flexibility

Architecting the solution using the AWS platform combined with  Infrastructure-as-Code enabled the developers to quickly build and deploy multiple versions of the infrastructure and, when required, easily make changes with minimal down time.

Metadata Driven ETL

Scalable, Secure, Serverless

AWS technologies like ECS and Lambda enabled the project to effortlessly scale up processing of incoming data while maintaining a good security posture by using cloud native services.

Built for the Cloud

Rapid Capability Demonstration

The developed solution reduces the time and complexity it takes for Business Development staff to collate key information from within the University around a lead or opportunity and brings the time it takes to produce a response to industry queries from weeks to minutes.

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