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Opened in 1856, State Library Victoria (SLV) is Australia’s oldest public library and one of the first free public libraries in the world. The Library is one of Victoria’s cultural icons, with visitors that include families and children, local and international students, entrepreneurs, researchers, and culture lovers from all over the world.

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At a Glance

Servian was engaged to design and implement a greenfields cloud data analytics platform to support rapid, accurate and secure analysis of large disparate data sets, as well as build initial data models and reports around customer and social media use cases. Servian first established a secure and extensible cloud environment to host the solution as the client had no prior Azure footprint.

The Challenge

The State Library empowers its audiences through access to information, knowledge and skills through physical and digital services. It is a strategic priority for the Library to enable data-led decision-making which has been constrained by not having data centrality or a toolkit to enable analysis and informing of business decisions.

The Library has limited internal staff for non-operational technology work as it makes this change to its operations.

The Solution

Servian implemented its Azure Cloud Foundations and Azure Data Foundations solutions, facilitated the discovery of data-related use cases across various State Library business units, and delivered key features to prove the viability and possibilities of the data platform.

The Benefits

Scalable, Secure, Serverless

Increased capability and cost-effective scaling

Servian jump-started the State Library’s Cloud and DevOps capabilities with good practices and patterns when implementing the Cloud foundation and data platform, and effective knowledge sharing and handover with State Library staff.

Metadata Driven ETL

Real-time data in customer’s hands

Servian provided SLV with the capability to consume and analyse large volumes of data quickly, accurately and securely via the data platform. In addition, they now have a secure, extensible cloud architecture in Azure for future infrastructure, platform or application needs.

Stuart Fitton

Analytics Manager, State Library Victoria


“Servian understood the Library’s data current state and its desires for the future. Working as one with the Library we were able to achieve what previously would have taken months in only weeks with a small team.”

The Result

The implementation of Servian’s Azure Cloud Foundations took just a few weeks, enabling the implementation of the data platform, and quickly establishing good Azure architecture, networking, compliance and deployment practices to enable SLV’s digital journey.

The implementation of Servian’s Azure Data Foundations established State Library’s analytics platform and provided the means to make their data visible and available to inform business decisions.

The delivery of two initial sets of end-to-end data pipelines, data models and reports, pulling data from various internal and external sources into the central platform and translating it to a consumption layer, delivered business value and showcased the possibilities of the platform.

The establishment of an Agile way of working, and work planning with Azure Boards, was valued by the State Library and will continue to be leveraged internally.

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