Improving Customer Experience at MECCA using Amazon Personalize

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With a significant share of the prestige cosmetics market, MECCA Brands has over 100 stores around Australia and New Zealand, employing over 4000 people. Their unprecedented growth is fuelled by new store openings and launching of its top new products. Since opening its doors in Melbourne in 1997, MECCA Brands has completely redefined the Australian and New Zealand beauty landscape, championing retail innovation and delivering the ultimate beauty experience to customers. The powerhouse retailer presents the best in global beauty with six unique beauty concepts: MECCA Cosmetica, MECCA Maxima, MECCA, and, and in China on

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The Challenge

The use of data analytics to deliver business insights helps to improve processes, understand customers and increase sales. This has been a key focus area within MECCA. Over the last few years, MECCA has successfully built its strategic digital systems and data platform on AWS environment, enabling reporting and analysis of historical data using Business Intelligence application.

MECCA has gone over and above by looking at historical data, recent advances in Machine Learning and new predictive analytical techniques. By discovering these new insights they are able to unlock opportunities and optimize business value – increasing their share in the premium beauty market.

Just last year, MECCA was relying on simple segmentation when delivering email marketing, they soon identified the opportunity to increase the relevance and personalisation of their campaigns. MECCA engaged Servian to build sophisticated Machine Learning capabilities to enhance customer engagement and digital interaction. The results delivered an optimised customer experience, increased engagement and conversion.

The Solution

Using a combination of Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Personalize, we were able to quickly build, train and deploy machine learning models at scale. The output of these models is then embedded as ‘New Product Recommendations’ within their email marketing campaigns. It is reported that the capabilities have driven strong performance including; 65% increase in email click-through rates and email revenue increased by 62%. It is evident that these new and sophisticated models are much more accurate, personalised and engaging to the customer.

The Benefits

Scalable, Secure, Serverless

Increased relevance

Increasing the accuracy and relevance of personalised recommendations has increase customer conversions

Metadata Driven ETL

Increased Customer Experience

Product offerings are more tailored to customers, providing a more personalised experience.

Built for the Cloud

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Personalised email content is bringing more customers to MECCA.

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