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From improving buses in growing suburbs to optimising cycle and pedestrian paths, the Department of Transport (DoT) plans, builds and operates an integrated, sustainable and safe transport system for Victoria. An essential part of DoT activities is using Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technology to support efficient network operations, improve road safety and optimise customer journeys. 

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At a Glance

As Australia’s fastest growing state, Victoria relies heavily on efficient transport to run smoothly. The Department of Transport utilises ITS technology to achieve this, but with thousands of devices sending information to separate systems, DoT lacked a holistic view of the state of all devices within the network. Servian was engaged to create a single platform with a user-friendly interface that would enable network operators to view the health of the system at a glance. 

The Challenge

Over 10,000 ITS devices – ranging from dynamic traffic signals to active lane management and ice monitoring systems – are installed across the state’s road network. Each device was sending status updates to different systems, in different ways, forcing DoT employees to interrogate multiple backends at a time. Added to this, the data wasn’t easily readable, requiring network operators to dig deep to find the right information. Unable to monitor all devices from a single portal, operators found it difficult to respond to incidents immediately, understand service performance historically and measure overall network health. DoT required a centralised platform that would give network operators a comprehensive view of Victoria’s road network within seconds.

The Solution

Servian worked closely with DoT to design and develop the Real Time Device Monitoring System (RTDMS), a dashboard that integrates the previously disparate systems into one centralised platform. The RTDMS provides information — such as past and current device health and maintenance work – on each and every device, along with a holistic view of the state of the overall network. An automatic alert feature has also been established which signals incidents or device failures in real-time. UX methodologies, with a focus on service design, were employed to ensure the web application had a user-friendly interface. Network operators can now monitor live status and review historical data for all devices, in the one place.

The Results

Built for the Cloud

Faster incident response time

Live status updates and alerts signifying situations and device failures have reduced incident response times, further promoting road safety.

Metadata Driven ETL

Improved operational efficiency

One centralised system with easily accessible information and built-in means network operators can arrive at the same outcome in a fraction of the time.

Scalable, Secure, Serverless

A safer, stronger network

By democratising device data and increasing visibility across the network, DoT can gain more insight from their data, unlocking the potential capability for further business analytics to provide safer roads and smoother journeys.

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