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Servian began working collaboratively with Aerometrex across architecture, design and implementation of a practical & scalable deep learning microservice to enable deep insights, performance and cost optimisations

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At a glance

Aerometrex has built a credible reputation as a leading practitioner of aerial imaging, photogrammetry, 3D modelling and LiDAR surveys. Their products are well known globally and are renowned for their accuracy and versatility.

To further optimise their product offering, Aerometrex R&D team have been experimenting with developing deep learning models. In the hope of proving some of these ideas, they wanted to incorporate such models. Aerometrex engaged Servian to support with the back-end components developed as part of the broader proof of concept project.

Why Servian

We drive a competitive advantage for our customers by enabling them to become truly data driven. We help organisations design and implement robust enterprise data management strategies and data platforms that ensure the security, accuracy, and reliability of their data. Our services in data and analytics span across advisory, consulting and managed services.

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