Servian becomes the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner globally to complete the ProServe Checkride Program for Database Migration

Servian proudly announces that it is the first Amazon Partner Network (APN) partner globally to complete the AWS Professional Services (ProServe) Checkride Program for Database Migration. The ProServe Partner Checkride Program prepares AWS Partners to work seamlessly with AWS ProServe on subcontract engagements ensuring AWS ProServe has a scalable selection of knowledgeable partners to support our customers.

Servian was recognised by Amazon Web Services (AWS) ProServe for its ability to augment AWS ProServe in ProServe Priming engagements using consistent methodology and tools in Database Migration. Partner consultants will now be added to APJ Partner Enablement Dashboard to support AWS ProServe in identifying preferential partners for customers by practice.

Servian achieved this accolade as a part of ongoing initiatives to enable performance improvement and modernising the database landscape of a key international client in the aviation industry. Having faced the challenges of costly licensing and managing databases in a time-consuming, complex, and expensive manner, the client sought to transform its current database landscape from Oracle to a market-leading open source database platform like Amazon RDS PostgreSQL. 

The team utilised an accelerated, focused and agile methodology to realise improvements in cost management, security, availability, reliability, durability, and performance for their databases and the applications utilising them.

“Being the first globally to attain the Database migration certification from AWS Proserve reaffirms the commitment and the deep capability that Cognizant/Servian has in the ANZ region. For our clients, it makes the adoption of AWS just that little bit easier having a Global expert in your backyard.”

Patricio De Matteis, Chief Digital Officer Cognizant ANZ 

AWS ProServe primed with Servian to expedite some of the modernisation tasks with the in-scope databases and used some of the tribal and tacit knowledge of these resources (having handled the database landscape for several years). 

A special thanks go out to the AWS ProServe ANZ core team for supporting the delivery and content buildout of the Bootcamp and Assessment. Lastly, the Servian team for their commitment and outstanding efforts to make it happen.

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