Senex’s Customer story – Cloud Foundations and Data Analytics Platform

Servian, working in conjunction with Senex and supported by Google Cloud, refactored an existing machine learning (ML) model to leverage Google cloud capabilities and re-deploy it rapidly to Google Cloud.

Discover how Servian provided the resources and analytics expertise to deliver business value for Senex by deploying a predictive maintenance ML model, mitigating potential unexpected downtime caused by costly pump failures and safety incidents.

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At a glance

Senex is an established and growing Australian natural gas producer, providing gas for industries that support local communities, manufacturing, jobs and a cleaner energy future. Senex’s primary focus is on developing further opportunities to expand production, earnings and cash flow while balancing commitments around safety, environment, community and sustainability

Like many organisations in the mining and energy sector, Senex has many data assets scattered across many sites and servers. A strategic review provided requirements for a new data & analytics operating model, leveraging the cloud to bring data together and scale data capabilities without traditional constraints. Servian with Google Cloud responded to and won a tender to help Senex build their platform.

Why Servian

We drive a competitive advantage for our customers by enabling them to become truly data driven. We help organisations design and implement robust enterprise data management strategies and data platforms that ensure the security, accuracy, and reliability of their data. Our services in data and analytics span across advisory, consulting and managed services.

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