Cyber security and Google Cloud

Corporate VPNs are so 1990’s

Leverage Google’s security capability applied to the enterprise

The rise of cloud computing requires a dramatic shift in the trust model that organisations are adopting. We can work with you to leverage this opportunity to help bake in security to development and operations. Shifting your security posture into a pro-active approach to maintain perimeter security, while augmenting with defense in depth.

By working closely with Google Cloud, Servian is a world leader in running Google Cloud Security Posture Reviews to ensure a full awareness of your security posture

Servian can also help customers deliver DevSecOps through a shift left impact to application development life-cycles by using automation and baking security into CI/CD tool chains.

Shared responsibility model

As we see with the shared responsibility model (above), we can increasingly rely on our cloud providers to secure the base infrastructure and allow customers to focus on securing their applications and gain greater visibility of their security posture.


Google Cloud leads with their embrace of cloud native security. Their container first approach is based on modern security principles.

Learn how to layer in security to your cloud approach

Our whitepaper guides you on how to provide a safe and secure heterogeneous cloud operating model whilst remaining cost-effective and agile.


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