Enhance your existing Salesforce investment, acquire quick wins and drive adoption.

After a number of years of implementing Salesforce for our customers, we’ve learnt that most organisations are not gaining the maximum ROI. Reasons for this often stem from not implementing best practices, poor user adoption or ‘un-tuned’ Salesforce instances – all of which can be rectified.

Some examples are:

1. User adoption

  • Managing regular training to keep users refreshed and engaged
  • Workshops and interviews to identify usage gaps and identify issues
  • Aligning organisational strategy with a Salesforce product roadmap
  • Avoiding Salesforce becoming an “overly expensive spreadsheet”

2. Licencing strategy

  • Identifying underutilised licences and overlapping features to minimise the number of licenses needed
  • Discovering hidden or unused features to improve Salesforce ROI
  • Understanding the dependencies between licenses and alternatives around license limitations

3. Integration strategy

  • Designing better integration strategies to improve data integrity
  • Enabling SSO (single sign on) to avoid multiple user credentials

4. Performance

  • Managing big datasets to improve report performance and user experience
  • Following best practices to fine tune the system and boost performance

5. Security

  • Compliance and privacy checks
  • Reviewing security and sharing settings
  • Reviewing current development and support operations
  • Improving code security and testing coverage

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