Real estate made easy

Disrupting the real estate market with an intuitive online marketplace where users can manage their properties. A responsive application for all devices. RealYeti at its core is a real estate platform where the core function is to enable users to search for properties, as quickly as possible, with the least amount of effort. It is the all-in-one platform which facilitates the entire process of property selling, purchasing or renting, without the need of hiring a real-estate agent.

rapid xp

We kicked off the process by running our Rapid XP workshops. Starting by defining the problems we are trying to solve, we moved to a user-focused session that enables the sharing of ideas and sketches.

From there, we combined all the ideas and synergised with known triggers and patterns to develop user journeys and wireframes.

We then held several sessions with the stakeholders to validate the wireframes and give feedback. Based on the feedback, we produced high-fidelity UI designs with an interactive prototype.

I want RealYeti to automatically find my dream home or listing. I’m looking for a bunch of different things. Please help me organise my needs so that I can find my home as soon as possible!

Problem statement brought into the workshop

create saved searches with a comprehensive list of criteria

Property buyers can access a comprehensive list of criteria including standard metrics such as beds, baths, location and car spaces, and once logged in, more in-depth property features such as local amenities and even proximity to locations that are important to the user.

Each property is graded according to the criteria of the search and given a corresponding percentage match. Users can save their ideal properties in an “ideal match” comparison list. The list shows how each property fares against our match criteria.

hold online auctions to allow bidders to watch and bid remotely

Thinking of a real estate website meets Ebay? The auction process is fully facilitated by RealYeti. Users have the ability to choose an alias, register the maximum bidding amount to set an auto bid and watch the auction process if not registered as a bidder. RealYeti also included a dedicated solicitor workplace where solicitors can verify users, approve auction registrations and approve submitted offers. So when the auction happens, RealYeti ensures that all the bidders meet the legal requirements.

sherpa is an intelligent assistant to help users with creating property listings

Sherpa – aiming to provide personal assistant experience to walk users through their homepack for selling or leasing. Sherpa explains each step and helps with writing property descriptions.

technology stack

The application is hosted on Google Could Platform, and uses Kubernetes – automating deployment, management of containerized application, easy scaling, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Container registry and a number of supporting services. We used NodeJS for the backend and Angular 4 for the frontend, GraphQL as our communication layer.

project information

Time Frame

Feb 2017 – May 2017: Discovery and RapidXP

May 2017 – Nov 2017: Development & design iteration


1 Project Lead (strategy / research)
1 Scrum Master (ongoing operation)
1 UX/UI Designer (design & delivery)
3 Developers (delivery)