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Rapid XP – Our primary design methodology

Rapid XP has been inspired by American retailer Nordstrom. Capturing the iterative processes of LEAN Startup, LEAN Product Development, Design Thinking and Agile we have created a methodology that creates successful outcomes for your business 

Key components

Using the early stages of the Nordstrom model, we focus on understanding the problem of your user by providing methods to generate ideas. These can be prototyped and validated to verify any hypothesis formed.

The design workshop

Produce solution wireframes

produce solution wireframes design rapidxp

Sketched ideas and solutions are consolidated into a set of wireframes that are intended to capture a products potential MVP. All ideas are combined and synergized with known triggers and patterns to develop a screen flow.

Validation session

The design validation session Rapid XP

Using the same participants as the original design workshop this validation session is the first opportunity for stakeholders to give feedback on the direction of the product being designed. The wireframes are reviewed with the intent of having each participant confirm that previous ideas have been correctly interpreted.

High fidelity designs

designing Hi Fi wireframes rapid xp

Now its time to breath life into the solution that has been imagined! This is a UI design mini-sprint where designers are given the opportunity to visualise what the experience can look like. Nothing is in concrete even after this exercise is completed.

Product showcase

The design product showcase of Rapid XP

We finally get all participants to join in again as we unveil the prototype which demonstrates the product or set of new features and functions that have been designed.

The prototype

We use prototyping tools to turn wireframes into clickable prototypes, providing tangible assets for your business.

 Each iteration brings you to a closer end-state with an increased commitment to functionality. Pivoting or completely halting the development without excessive funding is a major benefit of the prototyping model. 

What can Rapid XP be applied to?

If you can identify a point of engagement or interaction between a user and a tangible artifact that has a visual form and requires a user to consume content, then this methodology can be applied.

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Rapid XP case studies

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