Tangible outputs

  • Clickable prototypes

  • Working software

  • Technology roadmaps tailored to your enterprise

  • Scalable solutions

  • Maturity assessments

  • Lean canvas concept analysis

Perfect for

  • Delivering market disruption

  • Experimentation with emerging technology

  • Failing fast, succeeding sooner

  • Introduction to our technology partners

A company’s success depends on the ability to develop innovative solutions to problems, and a company’s culture will determine how well those solutions are implemented. Using a mixture of GV Sprint and Lean UX methodologies, Rapid Lab will foster innovation by researching, ideating, experimenting and testing ideas to ensure you gain the competitive advantage within your industry.

Key elements

Using the Rapid Lab process can deliver the following to your organisation.

Days 1-5

Opportunity Discovery

Enterprise to layout potential ideas

Innovation Stream Definition

Days 3-10

Shortlisting & Prioritisation

Lean Business Canvas
(one blueprint per prioritised idea)

Days 3-15

Talent Acquisition

Building a successful team to deliver an outcome

Partnership Assessment –
Aligning the business innovation idea to the appropriate tech partner

Partnership Intro

Days 12-17

Oversight & Steering

Enterprise has a look at prioritised ideas and appoints someone to ensure it is protected

Days 17-25

Business Integration

Selection of framework to help operationalisation of the idea

Days 26-50

Rapid XP and design iteration

Bronze / Silver / Gold*
* Gold additional 20 days

(Repeat for all other concepts)

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