Protecting Snowflake Data and Increasing Data Usability: How to Strike the Right Balance

November 25th | 12:00pm – 1:00pm AEDT

It’s no secret that Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse increases the ability of organisations to turn data into valuable insights. However, increased security requirements and regulatory pressures—combined with the need to audit and report—can limit a business’ ability to take advantage of cloud-based services. Protegrity, a leader in data security for Snowflake, combines Snowflake’s superior data-warehouse capabilities with the ability to extend internal data-security policies to Snowflake to keep sensitive data private.

Join us in this online event to learn how Protegrity + Snowflake fulfils the promise of data democratisation, giving organisations the confidence to use and share data across business lines, while reducing the risk of breaches of sensitive data. 

What you will learn

  • Data Governance and Privacy: Learn about policy management that allows the enterprise to comply with evolving privacy laws, including data de-identification and localisation
  • Enterprise Security: Learn how the Protegrity platform provides logging, monitoring, and SIEM integrations to ensure transparency
  • Data Transparency: Learn how Snowflake+Protegrity offers a protected data-custody chain across environments and platforms, only possible through the partnership
  • Data Sharing: See how secured sensitive data allows decentralised access to data across business lines and organisations, fulfilling the promise of “data democratisation”
  • Performance, Scale, and Resilience: See how this partnership protects data in the analytical environments of the world’s largest global brands

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12:00pm – Welcome & Introductions

by Sean Redmond, Principal Solution Architect, Protegrity

  • Introduction To Protegrity, Snowflake and Servian Speakers
  • Insights Into How The Security Industry Is Changing

12:05pm – Enhanced Data Governance Using Protegrity for Snowflake

by Sean Redmond, Principal Solution Architect, Protegrity. Discussing:

  • Continuous compliance
  • Hybrid infrastructure support
  • Data democratisation

12:20pm – Building the foundation for a governed Data Platform with Snowflake and Protegrity

by Marko Slabak, Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • Snowflake Platform Overview
  • Extending Snowflake with External Functions
  • Policy Driven Data Masking

12:35pm – Tokenization & Consumption Demo

by Pete Short, Managing Consultant, Servian. Discussing:

  • High Level Data Flow
  • Policies & Roles
  • Tokenization
  • Data Consumption


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