Why mobile? – Digital strategy and consultancy is an increasing area of interest to many enterprises. We can help align and define your mobile capability.

Our Primary Domains

Mobile Health Solutions


Mobile can empower health professionals to improve lives and deliver the next generation of healthcare around the world. Our projects have aided recovery post surgery and communicated with medical accessories via Bluetooth to collect and process patient data.

Augmented Reality

Analyse and act on footage in real-time, recognise objects, respond to facial expressions, scan codes and precisely place overlays in the real world. AR through a mobile device is changing the way we interact with the world, AR through a headset is world changing.

AI, ML and Chatbots on Mobile

AI, ML & Chatbots

Mobile brings immediacy, location and convenience to artificial intelligence. It enables a realtime interface that is available wherever the customer is. Whether it’s local Machine Learning model or enabling Chat within your app, Servian has you covered.


Internal data and analytics powered solutions are Servian’s bread and butter. Coupled with our managed services offering, Servian is uniquely able to deliver mobile solutions within Enterprise.

Our Process

Development platforms – Servian’s philosophy is to utilise technology to affect change and transformation in business. We choose platforms and frameworks to best achieve success for the projects.

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