Plan your journey from start to finish and get a handy checklist of essential tasks.

Migrating to the cloud can be complex, time consuming, and risky, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of existing workloads to move. To help you get started, this guide outlines four basic phases of a successful cloud migration:

ASSESS. Identify your team, get an overview of your IT landscape, and decide which applications to move first.

PLAN. Choose one or more migration strategies, consider a streaming-based solution, and test your applications’ performance in the cloud.

MIGRATE. Use a phased, agile approach that allows you to revert back to the on-premises configuration if necessary.

OPTIMISE. Fine-tune your cloud environment to align usage with demand and implement capabilities like cost controls and governance tools.

The guide also includes a detailed checklist of key milestones on your journey to the cloud, ensuring that you complete every step and always know what’s next.

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