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Maximise the return in your data and technology investment.

Our approach to operations goes beyond just managing to SLAs, and looks for opportunities to incrementally improve performance and stability.  We work closely with our customers to prioritise stability, following well-defined processes and structures to ensure maximum availability and consistency of services, while taking proactive steps to mitigate risks and limit the impact of issues where they occur. The proactive approach results in the longevity of your investment while delivering required business objectives.


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Our service offerings

At Servian, we design, deliver and manage innovative data & analytics, digital, customer engagement and cloud solutions that help you sustain competitive advantage.

Servian data and analytics services

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Providing ongoing operational support for all your Data and Analytics needs; Data warehousing, Data integration/pipeline management, Data Governance and Quality through to Data Reporting, Visualisation, BI and Automated Marketing Management.

Servian artificial intelligence ai services


Offering ongoing management and support for your Bespoke ML and AI Solutions and Platforms. Additionally, we have 2 specific As-A-Service offering; Bot-as-a-Service and VisualCortex-as-a-Service.

Servian digital services


Our ongoing support services can manage anything we design and build for you and making sure that rich data-driven end user experience is managed, managed, maintained and continually optimised to stay relevant.

Servian customer engagement Service


Maintaining the data and marketing platforms that drive insights, Servian can provide informed recommendations and optimisations to your ongoing campaigns and facilitate swift pivots and adaptations to your personalisation strategy.

Servian cloud and technology Service

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Partnering with all providers allows Servian to offer customised, tailored cloud support services with the best cloud configuration available that is continually optimised and adapted to meet your evolving business demand

Servian operational support and managed services

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