Machine Learning Modernisation with AWS

Reduce Cost, Fast Track Business Growth and Innovation

The State of ML Modernisation

Machine Learning is becoming the new norm and is becoming an expected product feature for many enterprises. Apps, processes and experiences are expected to be smarter and more data-driven. Just like you won’t bank with a bank without online banking. People will turn away from digital experiences that are not smart enough too.

Through rapid expansion of machine learning capabilities, the foundational platform and the way of working tend to evolve quickly with many governance debts resulting in added cost. With a vertically integrated and cloud-native platform, organisations can now innovate and grow at a faster pace while reducing redundancy of cost in
maintaining quality data as well as a democratised ML platform.

The Benefits

Increase Scale & Reduce Costs

Mobilise your data and scale seamlessly

 Optimise & streamline your infrastructure

Drive efficiencies across your business

Business Growth

Increase your speed-to-market

Optimise on the fly with scalable infrastructure

Unlock revenue-generating opportunities

Greater Innovation

Access a range of tools & predictive solutions suited to your needs

 A lower barrier to entry for ML

Uncover & share the insights that matter most

The Approach

. The process of transitioning from a cluster of machine learning platforms and technologies into a vertically integrated one carries its own business risk. That’s why we have distilled our experience into a repeatable pattern so that you can have a clear view of cost benefits as well as the journey towards it. Our digital capability, together with our applied machine learning and deep learning experience, produces synergy for your innovation success.

The Machine Learning Modernisation Journey

Discovery Phase

This is the stepping stone to understanding the current state of the machine learning framework, the potential modernisation target state, the benefit that the target state will bring, the options to migrate existing models into AWS SageMaker and how it will be achieved and the effort required to achieve the target state.

ML Modernisation Discovery Package

Our ML Modernisation Discovery Package consists of three workshops to determine the current vs future target state. We will conduct a use case analysis, drive the decision-making of the target state architecture attributes, frame the initial use case for the program and develop a project plan for the ML modernisation.

Steel Thread phase

Modernise your machine learning workflow using the AWS SageMaker AI platform.  Realise benefits of our Steel Thread Package, including repeatable and streamlined end-to-end ML workflow, increased real-time predictions, lower operating costs and enhanced performance.


ML Modernisation Steel Thread Package

Our ML Modernisation Discovery Package Our ML Modernisation Discovery Package consists of three workshops to develop the solution design and implementation plan. We will review the use case selected from the project plan in the Discovery Package. Servian’s Tech Lead will assess the current ML lifecycle and implement and productise the ML use case with AWS SageMaker.

Democratise Phase

Due to unreliable data access and usage, many businesses face challenges in making fast and consistent data-driven decisions. Servian’s Democratise Package helps organisations: unlock productivity, drive quality assurance, foster team collaboration & increase analytical capabilities.

ML Modernisation Democratise (Feature Store) Package

Our ML Modernisation Discovery Package consists of 3 workshops to develop the Feature Store solution design. We will review and identify key business entities and relevant feature groups aligned to the use case and provision Feature Store in AWS SageMaker, with relevant IAM users and policies to access the service. Our ML Engineers will then populate AWS SageMaker Feature Store with features that involve data ingestion, feature engineering, storage, discovery and extraction.

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