Data Insights Platforms with Looker

Google Cloud acquires Looker expanding its platform for business intelligence

Deploy in days. Not months.

Looker is a data platform that makes it easy to find, explore and understand the data that drives your business. Data analysts create a single reliable data platform for the business, with agreed-on business logic and definitions that everyone uses, and then business teams can view, explore, share, and make decisions based on a reliable shared view of the business.

Modern BI & Analytics

Serve up real-time dashboards for more in-depth analysis. Easy access to trustworthy data enables fresh results for better reporting.

Integrated Insights

Enhance the tools you’re already using by infusing new, relevant data. Unify and empower your teams to make more effective, data-informed decisions.

Data-driven Workflows

Super-charge operational workflows with complete, near-real time data. Save time and money by putting your data to work in every part of your business.

Custom Applications

Provide a purpose-built tool that users need, while creating data experiences that people love.

How to Build a Powered by Looker Web Application

Servian recently ran a webinar showcasing how we have built a Powered by Looker web application. Take some time out to see how we have gone about using Looker in a sports science and performance setting.

Reusability & Collaboration

LookML offers a new, efficient tool for making modelling faster and more reusable. LookML stops you from repeating yourself when doing data analysis. With LookML, you write snippets once as universal and reusable query components that are easier to manage. In computer science, this concept is called DRY, or Don’t Repeat Yourself, and it can save considerable time. Analyst teams using Looker report average time savings of 70% due in part to the DRY modelling efficiencies in LookML.

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Customising Visualisations

Visualising data is a key step in analysing data. Representing the data graphically allows you to identify trends, isolate outliers, and understand the data in a way that tables and summary statistics simply can’t match. That’s why visualisation is a core part of Looker’s data platform. As users are exploring data with Looker, we want it to be easy for them see that data visualised in many different ways and seamless for them to share their visualisations with others.

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Powered by Looker

As organisations digitally transform to compete and win, the role of the technology leader becomes increasingly strategic. The shift to digital makes their technology team’s efforts critical drivers of competitive differentiation and – by extension – growth. We see this trend reflected in the fact that growth is now the top priority for technology leaders. It is essential for these leaders to invest precious engineering resources on core competencies. By outsourcing the rest, these teams benefit from a best-of-breed technology stack while achieving a high return on their expensive in-house engineering efforts.

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Data Modelling

Approaches to data analysis have evolved. Data storage today is vastly less expensive than in the past, so you can load as much data into the data warehouse as your organisation can collect. Today’s data warehouses are also much faster and can process raw data with incredible compute speed. Parallel to these evolutions that give you faster access to more data, Looker has introduced a revolutionary approach to data modelling. Instead of determining the data model and queries before the data load and transformation phases, Looker provides a user-friendly, SQL-based layer on top of the data. This lets you easily build a unified data model for your organisation and query as flexibly and often as needed. Looker’s modular architecture enables you to reuse business logic and write many different types of database queries.

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“Organisations across all departments are becoming increasingly more reliant on fresh real-time data to drive their business and everyday decisions,” said Shelley Morgan, Partner Manager UK & Emerging at Looker. “We’re thrilled to add Servian as it furthers our mission to bring together the best technology and consulting companies from around the globe to accelerate insights to action by infusing data experiences into workflows.”


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