A one stop shop

Giving brokers a centralised platform to manage all their accounts and better serve their customers.

The leasing sector of a global investment bank needed a new platform that would not only combine the best features of their existing systems but also offer new features that would help their customers optimise their day to day.

problems and pain points

Users are frustrated that they aren’t being offered the level of service they come to expect as standard from a leading investment bank.


The project commenced with a series of workshops involving various business stakeholders to define the outcomes and scope.


One of the workshops (pictured) was run with a number of sales managers and helpdesk staff who collectively had a good understanding of the brokers day to day work. We focused on the task of obtaining finance and mapped out this user journey in all its stages. Each participant had expertise in a different stage and was able to share their insights into the frustrations experienced by brokers for that part of the process.


From this, we crafted personas to give the team a direction to work towards and wireframes were created to build a clickable prototype for user testing. User testing and interviews allowed us to validate not just the designs, but also the personas. Both were iterated over time as we gained a deeper understanding of our users and their needs.


Introducer Assistant is a centralised platform that gives introducers access to the current systems and resources with a single sign in. For MVP, we focused on automating many of the common processes and making resources easier to navigate so users can self service.


They are also able to manage all their applications, contracts, customer information and access the vehicle sourcing service.

next steps

The current application management tool has been integrated into Introducer Assistant but it is outdated and only available on desktop. The plan is to rebuild this feature into the platform so the tool can be phased out and Introducer Assistant will be completely functional across all devices.