Marketing Campaign Analytics in the Banking Sector

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We were engaged to expand the delivery of below the line campaigns across all product lines and channels for this banking customer. This involved identifying target customer segments, developing SQL scripts to publish

Making the Switch to Model Driven Campaigns in the Banking Sector

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To increase revenue from an existing campaign offering cards to customers, we were engaged to give the campaign a complete overhaul. In this case study you will learn about: The challenges we faced

Using Data to Deliver Better Campaigns in the Telco Industry

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We were engaged to improve campaign delivery through greater use of data and resources with the end goal of maximising campaign ROI and customer engagement. We undertook pre and post campaign analytics, campaign

NFC Contactless Payments Campaign Design and Analysis

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In 2012, the use of contactless payments was on the rise. Our customer was the first Australian bank to leverage technology to build contactless payments functionality within its mobile banking app. A key

Block Trader

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The right information, to the right person, at the right time Stay on top of your portfolio, anytime, anywhere. We worked with with a trading desk in creating a block trading application,

5 Practical Uses for Predictive Analytics in Marketing

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The unprecedented amount of data available today coupled with new technologies means there is a greater opportunity to use data to drive value for your customer and business. Marketers no longer want

A Guide to Version Control – Part 1

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This is the first installment of a three part series on version control. In this day and age computers are everywhere and each of these computers need a set of instructions to

Leveraging Spark Machine Learning Using Talend

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From the weather to the lottery, it’s human nature to want to predict the future. We try to change our behaviour or decisions to influence our future in a (hopefully) positive way.

A smarter way to work

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A smarter way to work Help all staff find, connect and collaborate through a centralised platform managing every aspect of their working day. We worked with Australia’s top financial bank to create

Orchestrating an End-to-End Cloud Analytics Solution using Data Factory in Microsoft Azure

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Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based service that ingests data from multiple sources, transforms the data using MapReduce & machine learning and publishes the output to visualisation tools & BI applications. With Data Factory, organisations

Data & Digital Together – Enabling Access to IP Australia Data

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IP Australia has rich and diverse sets of data on patents, plant breeder’s rights and trademarks. However, this data is often highly complex, hard to access and stored in multiple locations. We

Sustaining Competitive Advantage through Big Data Strategy

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Why do big data projects fail to deliver value? There is simply no strategy in place for what they want to achieve. This eBook will take you through: Measuring the value and

Delivering Data Driven Marketing in the Cloud

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We delivered a secure cloud hosted marketing platform that enabled our client to send targeted, personalised and tracked offers to customers. This case study details: The challengesOur client wanted to target their customers

Our Rapid Experimentation & Prototyping approach

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Our Rapid Experimentation & Prototyping approach Rapid Experimentation & Prototyping performed our way delivers genuine outcomes that focus on validating the end state whilst minimising waste. This process focusses on tangible output that

The Value in Prototyping – A First Hand Account

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The Value in Prototyping – A First Hand Account We were engaged by Australia’s largest investment bank to create a new content delivery platform.   The real challenge in this engagement was time

Using Watson to Build a Smart Chatbot

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Building out a smart chat bot Everyone has their own version. Microsoft is playing the game with Cortana, Google has Tensorflow, Apple has Siri and IBM has Watson. Whatever your technology preference, you are

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