Identity Resolution Package

Combine online & offline data to build a trusted customer view in your warehouse

Building a trusted, unified customer view

Our Identity Resolution package runs in your existing data platform to create a view of customer to drive analytics and meaningful engagements with your customers.

The organisational challenge of unifying customer data into a single trusted customer view can appear insurmountable. With multiple data sources, spread across disparate silos, building an identity graph capable of delivering business value is challenging for even the most digitally savvy operators.

Servian’s ready-to-deploy “Identity Resolution” leverages the power and flexibility of dbt and the data in your existing warehouse to identify and create unique customer profiles that can be activated back into your business to drive meaningful engagements with your customers.

The Features

Ready to Deploy Code

Batch Transformation

Any Data in Warehouse

Configurable Identifiers

Deterministic Match

Auditable Identity Graph

Unknown & Known Profiles

Customisable Customer View

The Flow

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