Hybrid infrastructure with Google Cloud

Plan a seamless migration with this migration guide & checklist

Evolve your Infrastructure

Quickly gain the cost, performance and innovation benefits of assimilating your infrastructure with Google technology

Servian is constantly improving our Google Cloud infrastructure approach as we constantly learn off our project work. We can deploy Google Cloud Foundations, migrate VMs or containers or setup Google Kubernetes (GKE) with or without Anthos and Istio.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Only pay for what you use; stop paying for fixed data center costs, avoid hardware refresh costs

Improve performance and scalability

Extend your capacity on demand by leveraging GKE or Compute Engine autoscaling to give performance and scalability when you need it

Enhance resource efficiency

With a full managed platform, focus on advancing your core business while delegating infrastructure maintenance and platform development to the cloud provider.

Strategic flexibility

Rapidly build your solutions in a secure, cloud native approach which can be deployed on any public cloud or across on-premises

Migrate your Infrastructure

Monthly or annual billing with OPEX or CAPEX options

A package that addresses the design, setup, security and billing concerns which need to be addressed for success in the cloud.


80% of CIOs admit they haven’t attained the desired business benefits of infrastructure migration*

Looking how to get the most value from your data in the cloud – and as quickly as possible?

“Servian helped us define the deployment process, which saved us as an organisation.”

David Oxley, Associate Director and Head of IT & Solutions, Employsure


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