Brighter Health Futures Through Data

Servian has a long history of helping health institutions improve outcomes through better use of data. We hire over 600 of the brightest problem-solving minds, and partner with over 120 global data technology companies to deliver our health clients new capabilities and a brighter outlook.

Servian solves problems with data.

It’s our DNA.

And there are few more important or purposeful problems to solve, than those in health.

As this decade unfolds, healthcare faces new and urgent demands. The impact of COVID-19 has stretched many systems to breaking point. Telehealth is becoming the new standard. Patient expectations are changing more rapidly than ever. Regulatory forces, cyber security threats and policy changes add further layers of complexity, yet underpinning it all is the need to move away from expensive institutional interventions and toward disease prevention and affordable, quality healthcare for all.

Today, the many parts in the health value chain – service providers, insurers, manufacturers, health institutions public and private – all have one thing in common; they rely on data to manage, interpret and improve their operating conditions in a world of increasing complexity. Servian health clients know we are aligned to their need to fuel innovation, reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems, and drive new value.

Our History

Our project delivery record across healthcare has been achieved through a deep commitment to understanding the fundamentals of the problem, then solving it without bias to any one technology or discipline. And if there is no tool or technology appropriate, we have a proud history of designing and delivering bespoke solutions.

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Powerful Data Integration

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Powerful Data Integration

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Powerful Data Integration

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Healthcare Providers

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Pharma & Medical Devices

Some of our Stories

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Why Servian

We drive a competitive advantage for our customers by enabling them to become truly data driven. We help organisations design and implement robust enterprise data management strategies and data platforms that ensure the security, accuracy, and reliability of their data. Our services in data and analytics span across advisory, consulting and managed services.

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