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Connecting data, people and plans is imperative to your organisation outperforming the competition. With every industry facing disruption, regulation, transformation and needing to drive efficiency across their supply chain, there is a need for companies to ensure they achieve Connected Planning on a common platform.

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92% of companies believe that better planning technology leads to better business outcomes yet 86% of companies face limitations when planning.”

Servian has the expertise to help you align your organisation’s strategy and planning process across every line of business. From S&OP to demand planning, predictive forecasting to sales performance management and workforce planning, our consultants can deliver your outcomes to time and budget.


Servian consultants have 15 years plus of performance management expertise. Combined with our data modelling, data integration and visualisation teams, Servian brings a unique set of capabilities to your organisation to give you the complete delivery package.

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Finance teams say goodbye to aggregating spreadsheets and hello to value-added analysis, better management decisions, and collaboration throughout the entire business. Adopting a Connected Planning approach in finance aligns corporate objectives with financial plans that are linked to market events and operational tactics, resulting in finance transformation that accelerates business value.

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Empower your go-to-market strategy with a single platform for managing your sales organisation top to bottom. With dynamic insight into your entire organisation, you can anticipate market changes and act accordingly. Motivate the right sales behaviours, model future performance, and maximise selling time, all while keeping your organisation connected, flexible, and prepared for the future.


Supply Chain

Take a holistic approach to supply chain management, enabling real-time visibility across the network, creating the ability to sense and drive demand, and facilitating a dynamic, collaborative S&OP process. The results? Forecasts improve, information walls are broken down, connections are built and achieving business goals becomes the rule instead of the exception.

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Seamlessly connect HR, finance, and operational business plans to optimize workforce management and headcount planning strategies. Anaplan’s cloud-based platform joins together operational and tactical plans with long-term talent requirements, helping you plan for the right people, with the right skills, at the right time.



Connect your marketing spending and resource strategy to performance and corporate objectives. By using marketing performance management (MPM) to predict and optimize the impacts of marketing activity on sales revenue, marketers can plan campaign spending and assign resources that most move the bottom line.

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With the Anaplan platform, IT planning becomes collaborative and adaptable. Less time is spent on interlock, and more time is spent creating the future. A single Connected Planning platform replaces the need for multiple spreadsheets and point solutions, allowing aggregation, simplification, and governance control.

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