Enterprise AI 101: Your quick guide to introducing AI

Pure science, no fiction

Artificial Intelligence. Not that long ago mostly associated with the sci-fi genre, now a major buzzword used in everyday business conversations around the world, and an indicator of staying agile and keeping up with customers’ expectations. And while we’re at it, also invoking a wide-array of potential and hidden opportunities for enterprises to leverage…

AI is not new – in fact, it’s been around for decades. But it only became increasingly more accessible over the last few years as the world’s tech and retail giants (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple…) are rapidly increasing their AI spend and banking on AI to keep them on top.

In a nutshell, AI covers a broad set of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require an element of human intelligence, whether it’s decision making, speech recognition or visual perception activities. Machine Learning (ML) is the actual underlying technology and algorithms that enable these broad objectives to be met. The current hype in AI has largely been due to the successful application and advancement of Deep Learning, itself a subset of ML.

At Servian, we are pioneers in our application of AI in the enterprise – not only because we understand the state-of-the-art research being conducted today, but also thanks to our capabilities to unlock and leverage the technology to deliver a compelling and competitive advantage for our clients.

From changing consumer habits to commanding continuous improvement

AI empowers products we interact with on a daily basis. Talking to Google Home or Siri, searching for restaurants online, self-driving vehicles or taking enhanced pictures with smartphones… These are only a few examples of how AI has changed the way we interact with technology every day.

At the same time, AI remains much different from traditional software or data platforms. While the logic in traditional software remains largely static, it’s exactly the opposite with AI, which requires continuous improvement to operate successfully over time. How does a business ensure their AI will keep up?

That’s where a partner like Servian comes in and helps design dedicated frameworks that facilitate this process. At Servian, we have leveraged the scientific method into our chatbot development process – integrating machine learning to our chatbot training process to efficiently improve the conversations over time by understanding how customers actually interact with the bot. We also created operating models to ensure analytical models placed into production are monitored, supported and re-trained to make sure the signals and insights being captured remain relevant and accurate.

How can an enterprise go from not using AI at all to leveraging continuously improving AI tools and processes? Without putting an enterprise lens on how AI fits into operational processes it may become difficult to transition proof-of-concept projects into ones that continue to drive business value. Implementing AI requires a behavioural shift to successfully adopt the technology and integrate it into the business. Check out our blog-post Enterprise AI: Simplify the Organisational Cha(lle)nge for more Enterprise AI insights.

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