Breaking the tradition of investment research

We worked with Australia’s leading Investment Bank in helping clients achieve better investment outcomes by seamlessly delivering substantively relevant information in an intuitive, self-directed experience that evolves with investors needs.

problems & pain points

Traditionally financial analysts offer investment research to institutional clients as a complimentary service and has never been commercialised or monetized. Portfolio Managers receive significant volumes of research via email and rudimentary online portals from multiple organisations on a daily basis.


To overcome this challenge, many Portfolio Managers have:

89% of revenue is gathered from a little over 10% of accounts.

The middle markets and the tail client base represent 7 billion dollars annually, Macquarie generates only 58 million from these clients.

rapid experimentation

We had gone from idea to clickable prototype in just over one month. Servian ended with a manic week of requirements gathering, iteration and presenting a final prototype in Hong Kong to a group of key decision makers. This helped gain funding for a multi-million-dollar initiative.

iteration and build

We tackled the build of the project with a scrum/agile methodology. Splitting each screen and element into a user story. Throughout the duration of the project, we user tested and iterated every concept we created in the rapid experimentation phase. Workflows, features and UI changed through the copious amounts of user testing and validation sessions.

For MVP we focused solely on providing a research feed to the user. After the first release, we added features such as booking a time with an analyst and pulling data from multiple third parties such as the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal.

“Macquarie Dimension can quickly and easily understand user preferences, helping them focus and drill down into the detail that is most relevant to them. The platform not only enables us to service new markets that a traditional equities research model didn’t work for, but further enhances the way in which we can meet the needs of existing and future clients.”

Nicholas Chambers, Head of Macquarie Dimension Europe, Middle East and Africa

solution and outcomes

Dimension enables clients who aren’t necessarily trading with Macquarie to still engage and benefit from the research whilst allowing Macquarie to monetise an already existing resource.

Through onboarding and personalisation, Dimension provides customised research to each individual user based on multiple preferences.

Provides access to research reports, corporate meetings and phone calls with analysts on a pay-as-you-go basis alongside its usual equity-research offering.

An IOS app that focuses just on research. Giving the ability to consume research on the go.

project information

Time Frame

November 2015 – Feb 2016: Discovery and RapidXP

Feb 2016 – Present: Development & design iteration


1 BA (strategy / research)
1 Scrum Master (ongoing operation)
1 UX/UI Designer (design & delivery)
3 Developers (delivery)