Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Anthos Forrester Report

Deliver digital with speed, agility and security

Meet the demands of creating rapidly evolving digital applications with Google’s serverless tools. Enable your team to build and run a best of breed platform for serving up cloud native services.

Deploy anywhere with Anthos

With an incremental migration path, transform your existing apps, build new ones once, and deploy them anywhere you want while maintaining consistency between on-premises and cloud environments.

Speed up time to market

Enable your projects to move at speed through embracing cloud-native approaches like serverless, microservices, and container solutions with GKE. Bake in logging, telemetry, security and quality without sacrificing speed using tools like Cloud Operations suite and Forseti.

Empower your development teams

Leverage serverless build tools like Cloud Build, bake in container scanning with Binary Authorisation to your CI/CD process. Orchestrate complex, templated data job dependencies with Apache Airflow (or Cloud Composer) on GKE.

Optimise you build and test environment agility

Stop paying for over-provisioned resources; leverage infrastructure as code, containers, and cloud-native data stores to automatically scale up and down depending on project requirements. Servian can show you how to leverage advanced Terraform modules and setup billing insights.

Google Cloud’s – CIO’s Guide to Application Development

Learn how Google Cloud empowers your business to operate in a hybrid environment, use API’s as true business drivers, and leverage containers.

Looking for the best way to design applications for agility and scale?

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