Automating your delivery & deployment process

When we refer to DevOps, we’re speaking about helping customers smooth out the delivery and deployment process behind their products. More than just a matter of moving your IT systems to the cloud, DevOps experts like Servian help automate processes and establish an organisation-wide culture within your business that will enable your teams to build, test, and deploy software more rapidly, more often, and more reliably.

By reducing the number of handoffs between infrastructure, operations, security, and development/applications teams, you can drastically reduce the time to production. Beyond updating your IT systems, the Servian team will work with your organisation throughout the lifecycle of your environments, providing support and enabling your organisation to focus on what you do best: deliver software, products, and services to your customers.


Why Servian?

Australia’s DevOps Experts

Picking the right consultant is a risky proposition. While many businesses market themselves as DevOps experts, finding a consultant that will work with and educate your team in smarter practices is more challenging. At Servian, we don’t do outsourced DevOps. Instead, we work directly with your teams to improve, educate, and empower them to work more intelligently even after the project ends.

Smarter Consulting

penetration testing


We’ll work with your team to plan, create and deliver a fully-automated release engineering and application delivery solution. Removing time-costly activities from your dev teams’ workloads to produce faster, more reliable results

Security architecture services

Continuous Delivery

Ensuring that your services and features reach the market faster than you ever thought possible by removing time-costly steps and streamlining the delivery of your applications into the production environment.


Pipeline Setup

Servian will work with your team to map out and create a simple pipeline setup for every step required to build and deliver an application, creating an automated system that requires no manual intervention to move your product into the next stage.

Code review and training

DevOps Training and Coaching

Focussing on providing your team with the materials and understanding they need to adapt. They will be able to deliver quicker, with more reliability and gain the skills they need to continuously improve.


Expert Personnel

 Servian pride ourselves on hiring the best consultants and engineers who understand your business needs.

Managed Security Services

Complete Solution

Our automation experts will work with you to perfect the process, then iterate on it to create a robust, secure, and operational solution that will save your team time and energy at every step.

Ready to start your DevOps journey?

Talk to us about how our team can help you break the development-operations barrier


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As the preferred APAC implementation partner, Servian has a long history of solid DevOps solutions with Hashicorp

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Amazon Web Services

Servian Convergent has delivered a number of strong DevOps solutions in partnership with AWS.

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Google Cloud Platform

As the largest Australian GCP partner, Servian has a track record of secure, scalable solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Delivering automated solutions with Azure cloud platforms