Streamline setting up data pipelines with BigQuery on Google Cloud Platform

Get the most out of your move to the cloud – improve agility andcosts as key components of your transformation journey.

Cloud transition may be driven by cost savings, but there are more benefits waiting for you…

Instead of spending time on infrastructure & hardware setup and maintenance, use it for data science and significantly reduce your Time-To-Insight.

Take advantage of the new way of data warehousing in the cloud. Experience the edge adopting a cloud-native, serverless solutions (PaaS and SaaS) which give you agility over settling for just IaaS. Pay for what you use, not your maximum 3-year peak usage.

Losing too much time on infrastructure and hardware management?

Let’s talk about how we can securely move data to the cloud and make the most of Google’s scale and best of breed tools.

Looking how to get the most value from your data in the cloud – and as quickly as possible?

Watch the video and check out the latest insights straight from Servian experts.

Learn how Servian teamed-up with one of the largest commercial property management companies across ANZ to overhaul their entire data-management environment and find a new home in the cloud.

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Learn how Servian helped Australia’s largest industry superannuation fund leverage AI to enhance and streamline how it handles customer enquiries.

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Learn how Servian worked with Australia’s leading provider of employment services to design an alternative architecture allowing to centralise its servers and leverage the flexibility & scalability of the cloud.

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Get your data into the cloud quickly with Servian

Working with BigQuery on Google Cloud Platform allows you to:

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