Data & Smart Analytics with Google Cloud

Building a Cloud Data Platform: A Blueprint for Success with BigQuery

Unlock your data. Reimagine your business.

Harness the power of smart analytics to become a data-driven enterprise on Google Cloud. BigQuery, Google Cloud’s fully-managed serverless analytics platform empowers your business while eliminating constraints of scale, performance, and cost. Gain real-time insights that improve your decision-making and accelerate innovation.

Modernise your enterprise

Jump-start data analysis with a serverless, self-tuning, and highly scalable enterprise data warehouse that doesn’t require a database administrator to set up or manage. That means you can be up and running in seconds without the upfront capital cost.

Accelerate time to insight

Instantly unlock real-time insights from your data to know what’s happening across the business right now, and utilise the power of built-in machine learning to predict business outcomes instantly. Be responsive in the moment and easily experiment for the future.

Empower all your teams

Bring all your siloed data sources together into one open platform, and make query results accessible to anyone through familiar tools that don’t require them to write any code such as Google Sheets, Tableau, Qlik or Google Data Studio. Easily set rules for access to keep it risk-free.

Secure your most valuable asset

Enjoy robust security, governance, and reliability controls with high availability, automatic encryption, and a 99.9% SLA so you can have peace of mind that all your data is well and truly protected. Plus your data is automatically replicated, restored, and backed-up to ensure business continuity.

Data Warehousing in the Cloud: Opportunities, Benefits & Best Practices

Learn everything there is to know about data warehousing in the cloud – from the advantages of going cloud-native to its impacts on security, and how to get started with the first steps to migration.

“By 2025, more than a quarter 
of data created in the global datasphere will be real time 
in nature.”

Is your data warehouse ready to support your business innovations? Take the Data Warehouse Maturity Assessment to find out.


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