customer engagement

Data-driven Customer Engagement

Your customers interact with your brand in a variety of places. In a single day, a customer may discover your business through an ad on social, download your app to browse products, and then decide to purchase something on your website or in-store.

This valuable data is siloed in separate tools, making it difficult to understand exactly who your customers are and what motivates their actions. Servian Engage CX is a best-practice framework and methodology designed to leverage your data to:

  • Consolidate and unify data across every customer touch-point
  • Run analytics to uncover how each part of the customer journey impacts your business
  • Build actionable insights and segments to personalise every customer interaction
  • Activate engagements with sophisticated decisioning

What we’re known for

Engage CX framework

“Servian’s Engage CX framework provides best practice customer-centric and data-driven customer engagement methodologies — so you can connect with your customers in smarter, more personal ways.”

Data helps companies make smarter decisions, unlock efficiency, and enhance the customer experience — but only when it’s applied effectively. Servian helps organisations build and enhance this capability, and become next-best-action ready.

Understand how your customers engage with you across all touch-points in their journey

Observe and learn about customer behaviours and impact on business outcomes

Understand what, where and when interactions happen to identify engagement opportunities

Smarter, sophisticated audiences, decisioning and targeting

Case studies


Leading company delivers next best action customer engagement capability to decide and allocate campaign audiences

Fitness & Health

Gym and fitness centre builds a healthy customer intelligence capability to better understand customers and identify key engagement opportunities

Out-of-home Marketing

Media advertising company optimises ad placement across advertising network and gains ability to prepare clear, rich and data backed proposals