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18th March 2020

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Level 46, 264 George St


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About the event

Does your data sit in a unified platform, providing a single customer view? Can you automatically analyse it, spotting trends and gaining insight? Can you activate customer engagement across multiple channels, delivering smarter, more personalised experiences?

Join Servian, Mixpanel & Segment for dinner and drinks to learn from industry-leading experts as they discuss the modern customer data stack. Discover how MYOB uses customer data to reduce churn and increased conversion rates, hear insights from Domain Group, and get the chance to see the latest tech in action with live demo stations.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a 360° customer view using a customer data platform to aggregate and organise user data across multiple touch-points
  • Analyse customer data to discover insights like – where customers are on their purchase journey, what channels are driving acquisition and where product usage is succeeding or failing
  • Activate those insights across multiple channels to customise every interaction, provide a seamless customer experience and drive ROI for the business
  • Align product, data and marketing teams through best practice in technology, people and process


04:30 pm – Arrival & Welcome Drinks

  • Please arrive at 04:30pm for a 5:00pm start.

5:00 pm – Customer Data Deep Dive

  • Learn what it takes to turn multiple environments, siloed data, isolated teams and bespoke delivery into a seamless customer experience.

5:10 pm – Customising Experiences with MYOB

  • Hear from MYOB Product Manager, Katie Merry, as she discusses the importance of creating an experimentation culture within customer data and analytics to drive customer experience and retention.

5:25 pm – Driving Improvement with Domain Group

  • Domain will discuss why product teams need a deep understanding of customer product usage to drive product improvements, and how those same insights can be leveraged by other functional teams to improve customer engagement and conversions.

5:40 pm – The Modern Customer Data Stack

  • In this session, we’ll discuss some of the leading user data products in the market today, detailing the main functions that drive immense value for the customer and business, and then you’ll get to see them in action via live demos.

Segment & Mixpanel Demo:

  • Segment makes it easy for companies to collect, route and get the most out of their customer data, and Mixpanel is the leader in user analytics. During this demo you’ll see how the Segment CDP sends data downstream to Mixpanel to power product analytics and build a more seamless and sophisticated customer experience through the analysis and activation of a limitless amount of user data.

    6:00 pm – Q&A & Demo Booths

    • Hang around for a bite to eat and trial out the tech.

    What we will focus on


    Leverage data to connect with your customers in smarter,

    more personal ways.