A highly engaged customer base using the NFC contactless
payment service

In 2012, the use of contactless payments was on the rise particularly with the advent of newer mobile phones with built-in NFC (Near-field Communication) chips. Our customer was among the first Australian bank to leverage Android 4.0’s HCE technology to build contactless payments functionality within its mobile banking app. A key business goal was to have a highly engaged customer base using the NFC contactless payment service. Servian was engaged to deliver the campaign to achieve this goal using our combination of campaign and data expertise.

Problems & pain points

Solutions and outcomes

The results

The successful campaign execution and deep dive resulted in the mobile app team further refining the mobile app user experience and addressing pain points. Similarly, the marketing team were empowered to fine tune their campaign strategies and creative material and incrementally improved the responses. The overall result was a highly engaged customer base, as measured by their adoption of NFC contactless payments.

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