Transform your contact centre into a competitive advantage

Lead the way. Drive innovation. Create efficiencies. Reduce costs.

Your contact centre is the epicentre of customer experience

Are you rethinking your Contact Centre strategy? We help clients create a tailored, consistent, innovative omnichannel experience to deliver best-in-class contact centre operations at scale. We use data science and design thinking processes to develop great ideas that solve a problem, rapidly deliver an MVP model in a time-boxed fashion, and deploy measurable experiments to future-proof your business.

Gain a competitive edge

Enable crucial real-time analytical and feedback capabilities to optimise your customer experience using Servian’s Accelerate ML framework.

Resolve & simplify customer queries

Quickly divert repetitive questions & tasks to chatbots, enabling agents to reduce handle times and provide real-time assistance for complex issues.

Drive efficiency & productivity

Reduce call volumes, enable self-service capabilities and enhance data efficiencies so agents can readily & rapidly access customer information.

Increase loyalty & ROI

Uncover deep feedback & caller insights to improve accuracy, drive operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Our digital capability, applied machine learning, and deep learning experience produce synergy to drive your innovation success.
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A framework for contact centre success

Accelerate ML optimises nearly every aspect of the contact centre- uncover

business problems,  rapidly develop ML models, drive efficiencies, validate

solutions, and iterate on success.