What is included


The raodmap provides a strategy and a path to follow in the short and medium term for you and your team to follow to get to where you need to go. It takes the form of a prioritised list of features and epics that are split into multiple phases for easy of planning.

  Report Across Key Dimensions

The report and presentation focuses on the key dimensions and provides an overview of strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommendations for improvement by the Servian consultants.

  Capability Tree

Our capability tree outlines not only the key capabilities required for an organisation to be effective across dimensions, but also dependencies between them,. This gives a clear understanding of where you need to focus your efforts to achieve your long term goals.

Our Compass Solutions

Data Compass

Our Compass advisory are aimed towards giving you visibility of your current state, a strategic roadmap, and next steps to allow you to move forward with confidence

Key problem spaces:
Data, DevOps, Security, MLOps, Space

DevOps Compass

Our Data Foundation accelerators are aimed towards going from 0 to data platform in 4 weeks or less in the cloud of your choice. It is integrated with your data sources and provides a solid starting point for organisations that are moving their capabilities to the cloud

Security Compass

Our Secret Management accelerator is a fast-track to securely managing credentials and other secrets in hybrid and multi-cloud environments using Hashicorp Vault Enterprise.

Agile Compass

Our Engage CX framework provides a complete strategic roadmap, technical implementation plan and suite of customisable and deployable data assets to fast-track the establishment and enablement of foundational customer engagement capability.

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