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Servian has a proven track record with cloud migrations, native development, DevOps and data/analytics platforms across all major providers.  Servian delivers customer outcomes with a unique set of people, accelerators and reference models which lowers the risk of transition and maximises capability outcomes on infrastructure. The continuous commitment we have to training, keeps our people and approach fresh in this rapidly changing area.

Our cloud capability

Our mature Cloud and Technology practice has customers from a range of industries. We support them all the way through the solution lifecycle, from strategic advisory, through design and delivery into service transition and operations.

Our heritage in data differentiates us from many competitors – it is in our DNA to understand complexity. Complexity comes from sharing access to infinite resources, so solutions must address multiple stakeholders, shared platform performance, privacy and data risks. This is an evolution of the multi-stakeholder complexity Servian has addressed in Data platforms for our 10-year existence

Our experience has shaped our dual operational support model – Innovate and Operate which takes the best of DevOps, ITIL and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

It is Servian’s success and lessons learnt from our multi-disciplined team and methodologies which enable us to provide a responsive and adaptive delivery capability, able to address many unknowns, risks, dependencies on resources. We believe we have the scale to meet requirements but are responsive enough to provide focused outcomes which deliver value, despite the complexity of rapidly evolving technologies. As vendor neutral technologists, we are always seeking continuous improvement of our people, accelerators and reference models to provide low-risk value for our customers with Cloud capabilities.

We partner with leading cloud and container vendors including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack. Partnering with all providers allows Servian to offer customised, tailored cloud offerings with the best cloud configuration available on the market.


Servian’s Cloud and Technology domain is focused on exploiting innovations in technology to drive business efficiencies in your organisation. Servian’s approach to engagements is consultative in nature. Partnering with all providers allows Servian to offer customised, tailored offerings with the best configuration available on the market.

Google Cloud Platform

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Servian is the only Australian GCP partner for Enterprise Data/Analytics and Application Development. Our training and development DNA translates to having a large pool of certified Google Cloud Platform Data Engineers and Architects who are blending our IP with GCP capabilities to great deliver outcomes for our clients.

Amazon Web Services

AWS Amazon Web Servers Cloud Platform

Servian has built and operated solutions on AWS for many years. We have a large number of skilled, certified AWS consultants who have a practical level of competency delivering solutions in migration, application development and data/analytics projects. We can design, build and operate AWS IaaS and Data/Analytics platforms.

Microsoft Azure

AWS Amazon Web Servers Cloud Platform

With a long history of working with Microsoft as a Gold Partner, Servian has delivered value to numerous customers leveraging Azure Cloud Services. With our highly skilled and certified teams, Servian specialises in Azure in the areas of Data Analytics, Data Platform, DevOps, Modern Data Warehouse, Application Modernisation & Cloud Platforms.


Kubernetes and Docker Cloud Ops

Servian have built Snowflake solutions for customers for a number of years. Winning awards for the most Snowflake certified consultants, most new customers in 2019 and internationally recognised as a partner of choice, our highly skilled teams specialise in Data Warehouse Modernisation leveraging the power of Snowflake.


Salesforce CRM

Servian has supported and built new Salesforce solutions for a number of years. With our certified Salesforce specialists you can set your business up for success with a platform that is custom to your needs. Servian has extensive experience in enabling our clients to build and operate on an effective and insightful CRM.

Multi Cloud

Multi Cloud Platforms

Servian advises on a number of reasons to help customers benefit from the different pros and cons across the different providers in addition to manage various risks. We recommend working with neutral technologies such as Kubernetes, Terraform, and others to develop and run customer platforms which work across different public clouds. This approach maintains strategic flexibility and can be used to enhance resilience to mitigate against disasters.

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