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Aim for more than just cost savings

At Servian, we know data – data analytics can be found in our DNA. We also know the cloud. With the advancements in cloud technologies over the last decade and the democratisation of data, we have helped many enterprises tame, understand, and ultimately gain valuable insights from their data.

When moving to the cloud, as with any other enterprise transformation, we see that one of the main objectives is typically cost reduction. However, transition into the cloud needs to be about more than cutting down expenses –  otherwise, a lot of benefits are often left unrealised. Reducing cost is secondary to adding real business value. Something we believe is the most important outcome of any project.

“We believe that data analytics tools available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) effectively set it apart from other public clouds and vendors.”

Scale without effort. Pay for what you use. Manage less & Leverage more.

To make the most of any transformation, you need not only a smart plan but also the right tools to execute it. We believe that data analytics tools available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) effectively set it apart from other public clouds and vendors. GCP technologies, like e.g. BigQuery, Dataproc, and Dataflow, provide users with serverless, fully-managed tools that enterprises can leverage to scale their solutions without the need to maintain any of the underlying infrastructure. This results not only in significant reduction of ongoing administration costs. But also frees up time to actually leverage the platform and maximise its benefits, instead of only maintaining it.

A good example of this is how BigQuery (BQ) elastically scales its compute to thousands of nodes when a query is received by the service. BQ can do this because the compute layer is completely separate from its storage layer. With Google handling all this complexity for its users and scaling to zero, teams can better focus on their solutions rather than spending most of their time on managing operations and infrastructure

GCP is also heavily geared towards AI and Machine Learning, with large scale datasets processed in record speeds. Combined with the ability to pay only for the processing power that you use for your data, it’s a major win for everybody. Which is why we regularly recommend GCP to our customers, especially when it comes to large-scale data and machine learning projects.

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