Improving the end-to-end customer experience

To map out the full end-to-end experience of the San Jose, Cisco Customer Experience Center

Cisco’s Customer Experience Center’s welcome visitors from around the world. We worked with Cisco to see how we could improve their end to end experience. The Experience Center is a place to meet Cisco executives, view interactive demonstrations, and speak with Cisco industry and technology experts to see how an intelligent network can transform their business.


After conducting a series of interviews and workshops during a period of a week. We identified various pain points. 4 personas were defined as having an impact on the overall experience throughout a customer’s pre, during and post visit to the Center.

journey mapping

After identifying key goals and pain points, we were able to map out a full end-to-end ‘blue sky’ user journey for each persona. Each user journey was split up into 3 sections – pre, during and post-visit.


Heavily integrated into all 3 parts of these user journeys was a customer-facing mobile app and a supporting back-end admin portal.


After validating the journey maps with stakeholders and users, we were able to associate screens with each part of the journey.

“We are not looking at just creating a mobile app for the customer. We are looking at exploring the full end-to-end experience of every single user within the process.”

Mike Walker, Director of Cisco Experience Centers

rapid experimentation

In-between validation workshops and a series of user testing sessions, we went from low fidelity wireframes to a high fidelity clickable InVision prototype for both the customer app and back-end portal.


The mobile app acts as the personal concierge for the customer. By integrating with various different Cisco and third party API’s it provides touchpoints before, during and after their visit to the CXC.



Features Included:


Back-end portal

The supportive cog to the mobile app is the back-end admin portal. Integrating with Salesforce, this becomes a key part to an Engagement’s Manager’s toolkit when crafting a customer agenda.